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The Pacific Coast Field Lacrosse League is based in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, with teams based within Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.  The PCFLL has youth divisions from Tyke (under 8) to Junior (under 19), as well as a Female division, and runs its season from September to February.

2021/2022 Executive
Position Name Email
Chair Brad Romano chair@pcfll.bc.ca
1st Vice Chair Cal Davies 1stvicechair@pcfll.bc.ca
2nd Vice Chair Stacy Paterson 2ndvicechair@pcfll.bc.ca
Secretary Angie Wolfe secretary@pcfll.bc.ca
Treasurer Lynda Callard treasurer@pcfll.bc.ca
Registrar Lynda Callard registrar@pcfll.bc.ca
Head Referee/R.I.C. Jody Weatherby headreferee@pcfll.bc.ca
Head Umpire Angie Reid headumpire@pcfll.bc.ca
Past Chair Roger Terhune past_chair@pcfll.bc.ca
2021/2022 Commissioners
Position Name Email


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