Player Release Policy

The following is an excerpt from the PCFLL Operating Policy, Section T - Residency Rules:

T.01   Residency

  • A player living in an area/municipality or city which has an association registered with the Pacific Coast Field Lacrosse League and the BCLA must register and play for said team in the association league.
  • All players must sign and play with the association which administers lacrosse for the area in which that player permanently resides.  If not, the player must obtain a release.
  • If the player has played the two consecutive seasons with another association as an eligible player (living within that association’s home area or properly released) the player has the option of signing and playing with either his/her home association or the association he/she previously played for.

T.02   Releases

  • Where no team is available within the player’s age group, the player must register with his/her home association and then obtain a release and with written release from his/her home association for the current playing season only.  This release will not count as a grandfathering year.  The player will be placed by the League Executive.
  • No player may play with two associations in any given year unless the player who is already signed with an association moves to another area during the playing season.  He/she must then receive permission from the Division Commissioner of his/her new area before he/she is eligible to play with a team in the new area.  If the move is within the PCFLL area, permission of the move must be by the PCFLL Executive.
  • If a player does not want to play for their home association, the player must obtain a release from their home association.  With written permission of the player`s home association, the League Executive will place the player.
  • No release will be looked at except for teams that are full; i.e. a team has 25 players registered.
  • If there is a dispute between associations concerning the release of a player, the PCFLL Executive will have the right to place the transferring player with the association that they feel is in the best interest of the League and the player.
  • Releases will not be reviewed unless the player wishing a release is properly registered with their home association.

T.03   Release Guidelines

  • All releases need to follow the guidelines.  This includes Policy T.01 sub-section c) and Policy T.03 sub-sections a) and d).
  • All players requiring a release must be register with their home association.
  • Release forms must be filled out correctly.
  • The player’s release and destination request must be submitted to the Division Commissioner - this can be done by fax, scan or by person.
  • A release request can come from the home association, destination association or by parent/guardian.
  • The Division Commissioner will present the release request to the PCFLL Executive.

All the above must be done before the player will be released and allowed to play with the association they are placed in.


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